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Poster: MrMovie Date: Jul 14, 2005 11:21am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: MPEG2 FILE SIZES & The Green Monster

okay... I have the VCL player and "yes" they played on that. They did not play on nor render on the Pinnacle Studio which (in the event you don't know) DISNEY STUDIOS uses this program so it is not sub-par consumer product. Most "Joe-Average" wouldn't know how to work two-thirds of what is on this program. My DL is approximately 89.4kbps and has topped out even higher than that. What I would like to see is this: A more usable MPEG-2 File Size and/or the MPEG-1s at 352x240 so that it can be rendered and properly read by programs that know how to read a proper 352x240 MPEG-1 file. The Green Stuff is only on the MPEG-1 files. Try Downloading anyone of them even a Superman Cartoon. Next put that into a rendering program and look at the viewing window. What do you see?
I have three different programs and they all show that GREEN SCREEN. When you hit play, it pixels and making anykind of a render from that is impossible. Finally, it would be a BIG HELP if you would denote the Audio Structure of the film so that if anyone want's to do more than just watch it, they know in advance of doing a 29 hour download if the sound is MPEG-Layer3 or whatever it is.

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